1. Located near to Kuala Lumpur; approximately 45 minutes and easily accessible.
  2. High altitude location within Malay traditional village.
  3. Accessible to all 7-tiers of the waterfalls.
  4. Various accommodations offered with many range of prices. (More than 100 chalets, resorts, homestays and campsites).
  5. Unique flora and fauna for research and education purposes. (Such as Meranti, Resak, Bamboos, etc.)
  6. Attractive location for extreme recreational activities (e.g.; Abseiling, Rock climbing, Hiking, Off-road activities, etc.)

Read origin of Janda Baik here.


Four villages that is under the same management with Janda Baik Village, namely:
1.         Kampung Sum-Sum Hulu/Hilir
2.         Kampung Cheringin Hulu/Tengah
3.         Kampung Chemperoh
4.         Kampung Janda Baik


  • Ulu Tampik Waterfall
  • Agriculture
  • Agro-Farming
  • Resorts, Chalets, Homestay, Campsites
  • Handicrafts
  • Rivers (Benus, Cherengin, Pulau Santap, Sum-sum)
  • Nuang Mountain & Kuala Gua
  • Aborigin Villages
  • Coniferous Forest
  • Home-Base Small and Medium Industry

Trekking at Ulu Tampik Waterfall

The trail can be accessed through two entrance. The first entrance is passing through Latto Charok chalet, while the other one is through Bidai Sari. The journey takes an average of 30 minutes and the way heads up to waterfall – 4th floor, 5th floor or 7th floor. Along the way of the trekking, variety of flora and fauna can be found. Floras of Ulu Tampik Trail include Jering monyet (Archidendron clypearia), meranti bukit (Shorea platyclados), hujan panas (Croton argyratus), gaham badak (Blumeodendron tokbrai) and many more. On the other hand, faunas of Ulu Tampik Trail include southern pig-tailed macaque (Macaca nemestrina), three-striped ground squirrel (Lariscus insigni), dark-throated oriole (Oriolus xanthonotus), chestnut-naped forktail (Enicurus ruficapillus), long-legged horned frog (Xenophrys longipes), and many more.


Fig farm

Figs (Ficus carica) which are commonly grown in countries from the Middle East, can now be found nearby the Tampik Waterfall in Janda Baik, Pahang. The fig farm with an area covering about one hectare is a perfect place for the visitors to experience plucking the figs with their own hands and have a taste of fresh figs right from the tree.

Coffee farm

What a fresh start to begin your day with a cup of roasted brewed coffee in the morning! Coffee farm, located nearby the exquisite Ulu Tampik Waterfall, provides not merely on the taste of coffee, yet the opportunity to explore and learn about the different types of coffee beans, the growing process of coffee tree and the manufacturing process of coffee from raw until it is ready to be drink.


Accomodations to Janda Baik ranging from hotels, resorts, chalets, camping, glamping (glamorous camping) and homestay. With plenty of options, visitors can choose their accommodation according to their taste and budget.


For more information, please contact:

Persatuan Sahabat Alam Tampik Janda Baik
Balairaya (Atas) Kampung Janda Baik,
28750, Bentong, Pahang Darul Makmur.

Tel: +60193470772 (En. Jafri Jais) or +60122027525 (Pn. Nazlin Ibrahim)